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Naruto Character Template

Post  Ruth Minakaze on Thu Jul 22, 2010 5:26 am

[ Character Information ]

Ninja Registration Number: (six numbers, random)
Name: First and last; preferably make this sound like it fits in the Naruto World. No canon characters from any anime please, only originals.
Title: Reserved for higher rank ninjas.
Age: Most students graduate from the Academy at twelve; try to match your age to rank. No obscure ages please.
Gender: Male/Female
Birthday: [month] [day], [astrological sign]
Bloodtype: A/B/AB/O
Height: X’X’’, Weight: X lbs.

Appearance: At least one paragraph describing in detail what your character looks. Give important details like clothes, hair color, facial features, etc.

Personality: At least one paragraph explaining the psychological profile of your character. Go into detail about how they act in different situations. Real people are complex.

Best Traits:
Worst Traits:
Favorite Food:
Favorite Phrase:



[ Combat Information ]

Rank: (ninja rank, or equivalent)
Village/Country Affiliation:
Primary Element: Select your character's elemental affinity: Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Lightning.
Jutsu Specialty: Select your character's area of expertise: Taijutsu, Ninjutsu, Genjutsu.
Ninja Characteristics: List two or three characteristics of your character and a description of how it affects them.

Completed Missions: Can be added as they complete them.

Genin type: The title given by your sensei.
Primary Talent:
Special equipment:

Combat Strengths: (character strengths that apply in COMBAT - Begin based off Genin type)
Combat Weaknesses: (character weaknesses that apply in COMBAT - Begin based off Genin type)

Additional combat information we should be aware of:


[Jutsu Information]

Jutsu Name: Name of jutsu; this entire section can be copied for each jutsu your character has learned. Academy Students may have two learned E-Rank techniques, and Genin may have up to six E-Rank and up to two D-Rank techniques. More may be learned in game.
Mastery Level: Untrained if your rank is lower than jutsu rank, learned if your rank is equal to jutsu rank, or mastered if you have completed enough posts to master the jutsu.
Element: Element that the jutsu requires.
Rank: The rank of the jutsu.
Type: Hidden Ninjutsu/Taijutsu/Genjutsu,Kekkei Genkai,Medical,Ninjutsu/Taijutsu/Genjutsu.
Requirements: Required items or strengths to do it.
Chakra Cost: How much chakra it costs to do it.
Description: Description of what it does and how it affects the user.

[Inventory Information]

Weapon Name: Name of your character's weapon. Basic ninja tools can be found in and copied from the Jutsu Library. Graduating Genin may begin with both Kunai and Shuriken. This entire section may be copied for each weapon your character wields.
Rank: Rank of weapon; ninja may only use weapons equal to their ninja rank. Kenjutsu specialists amy use swords which are one rank higher and Weaponry specialists may use weapons which are one rank higher. Only puppetry specialist may use puppets.
Description: Describe what the weapon looks like in a few short sentences. Explain color, general length, ornaments, etc.
Special Effects: If the weapon has any special properties that it grants to the user, list them here. Weapons which require chakra must be at least B-Rank.
Obtained: Explain how your character received the weapon and the reason for receiving it.

[ Basic / Academy Jutsu ]

[Basic Jutsu]

[ Ninjutsu ]

(remove section if not applicable)

[ Genjutsu ]

(remove section if not applicable)

[ Taijutsu ]

("Iron Fist/Strong Fist") This is the basic style of Taijutsu, typically used by everybody while fighting. Hard punches and kicks are delivered with the intent of causing outer damage, such as bruising skin, tearing muscle, and breaking bones. Because of its basic nature, every ninja is able to use this Taijutsu to some degree.

[ Personal Jutsu ]

(personal techniques your character has developed; remove section if not applicable)

[ Bloodline/Clan Info ]

(remove section if not applicable)

Bloodline/Clan Description: (If this is a unique personal bloodline ability, write a brief description of the abilities it grants your character. A new clan must be applied previously and separately; if your character is part of an existing clan, just link to the accepted clan, which you can find in Clans/Organizations)

Bloodline/Clan Jutsus: (any jutsus unique to your clan or bloodline ability)

[ RP Sample ]

(optional, remove if not desired; will increase your chances of getting an advanced character)
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